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"Chasing Crabs"

The young girl sits alone on the shore.
She glances back to her grandfather,
And listens to him snore.
She wishes he would play with her,
But she lets him sleep sound.

She gazes out at the sea,
So beautiful and pure and calm.
ďNever go swimming without me!Ē
She dares not act so wrong.
Only sits waiting, watching, wishing.

What was it that scuttled by?
Her attention suddenly broken,
By a lone little crab running awry.
Up she goes after it, running
Barefoot across the sand
After it! After it!
Donít let it get away!
It runs faster and
Faster, she runs
Close behind it
Dodge this way
Dodge that way
Oh no! Itís getting away!
Catch it! Must catch it!
They run around
In circles together
Eluding and chasing
Each other round
And round kicking
Up sand in their wake
Almost have it!
Almost got it!
Hey, whatís that ahead?
What a strange little hole
Oh no! He disappeared in it!
Oh, where did he go?

She squats down to examine the hole,
With no real success.
The crab is gone, disappeared.
She looks back at grandfather,
Still snoring soundly on the sand.